JSC plant “Topaz” hire for a full-time work:

Workers specialties:
-CNC machine operator: machinist, field engineer.
-CNC machine operator (for a coordinate-piercing machine and sheet bending machine).
-Storekeeper at the non-food warehouse.
-Storekeeper-picker in radio equipment workshop.
-Electroerosionist (EDM machinist).
-Metal painter – 4th category (work with a special paints, including those based on epoxy).

-Engineer-constructor (design of fixtures, equipment and cutting tools)
-Machine tool engineer
-Electronics engineer
-Engineer – programmer
-Engineer – technologist
-Technologist in Mechanical processing
-Rate-fixer engineer
-Health and safety specialist
-Marketing specialist in commercial service
-Specialist in tool workshop
-Specialist in radio workshop

We also hire as turner, miller, grinder, etc. young, purposeful and having technical knowledge of people.

Dm.Cantemir st.1
(022) 876-199,

  • Formal employment and confidence in the future
  • Timely wages
  • Opportunity for professional development in the enterprise
  • Teaching a profession under the guidance of a qualified mentor
  • Registration in accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Moldova (provision of social vacations, medical policy)
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