Instrumentation is a priority area of ​​our activity

The instrumentation field of activity has been a priority Topaz enterprise for more than 40 years. Topaz went through many difficulties to develop and perfect, both intellectual and productive capacities in fields of production of industrial components to complex electronic equipment. Instrumentation department is represented with Design Bureau (KB) and Experimental Production line, which develops complex electronic equipment used in the production of electronic controllers, and other aircraft engine control systems. There are 25 experienced professionals: circuit designers, programmers and designers, employed as the part of KB. Experimental production employs over 30 highly qualified professionals

Using the advanced element base of world leading manufacturers (Freescale Semiconductor, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics and others), our enterprise develops and manufactures prototypes of a whole range of digital controllers and bench equipment to test them. A separate job of our design bureau does is to develop the control module for the AMS for gas turbine unit (UM ASU GTU).

During the design process our enterprise always use licensed software development and debugging tools, but  components brought directly from manufacturers

Product design and development is done taking into account conditions of use, ergonomics, weight and size requirements. High reliability of products is achieved by using enterprise mastered technology of multilayer flex-rigid printed circuit boards, which excludes the need for cable and knotted connections. Prototypes of the manufactured products undergo all required mechanical and environmental tests on a factory testing facility. The developed bench equipment is designed to test digital controllers during the manufacturing process. That equipment can be used for manual or automated testing. KB has developed special equipment

•Mobile regulator maintenance tool, which is used during operation of digital regulators

•The complex for recording and analyzing of technological information. It’s used for registering of digital controller functioning parameters, and their further analysis. Significant experience in instrument making, high production standards, and modern equipment from world leading manufacturers have allowed us to build an effective high-tech production line. We keep it that way, due to the constant introduction of modern technologies, improving of production processes and the use of high quality materials


We seek to create and maintain long-term relationships with our partners and our customers. To support, and encourage youth, we show interest in hiring young professionals with high motivation for professional and career development.

Field Instrumentation provides several opportunities for students of technical specialties

  • Pass pre-diploma and practical training on our enterprise
  • Get practical skills in working environment - an internship, in their free time

   In terms of career growth and skill development, the instrumentation area is promising for professionals in the areas of:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Circuit designer
  • Programming embedded systems and PC
  • Electronic devices development and production designer.

    Any promotion of employees is usually the result of systematic work, and self-improvement. If worker is professional, educated, and persistent, the career advancement will be only a matter of time.

Bench equipment

MSV module remote control

MSV module remote control is designed to test parameters of the MSV module special calculator and special calculator cell JaSV in the production environment

Workplace for BJe-R block debugging

The workplace is designed for the control of the electronic unit BJe-R, which is part of the digital engine control CRD-99R, in manufacturing conditions. For the inspection of BJe-R unit, worker connects measuring instruments and computer,loaded with software,to a workplace

PK JaOD remote control

PK JaOD remote control is designed to test the cell unit sensor processing parameters in the production environment

Workplace RM P-099 for strong the TsRD-99 controller

RM P-099 is designed to test the parameters of the digital motor controller TsRD-99 in the laboratory, in its production, and in carrying out repairs on aircraft repair companies

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