СП ТОПАЗ АО на постоянную работу:

Workers specialties:
1. Operator of CNC machines:
  - turner (5-6 p.) With CNC
  - miller (5-6 p.) With CNC
2. Turner boring 5-6 p
3. Turner 5-6 p. (wagon)
4. Milling 5-6 p. (wagon)
5. Repairman 4-5p. (equipment)
6. Grinders:
  - round (internal, external)
  - profile
  - thread grinder
7. Fitter toolmaker 5-6 grade
8. Контролер ОТК
9. Кладовщик-комплектовщик


1. Design Engineer (design of fixtures, accessories and cutting tools)
2. Engineer - Machine Tool
3. Circuit engineer
4. Software Engineer
5. Инженер по нормированию труда
6. Engineer - technologist
7. Мастер инструментального и механосборочного цеха
8. Начальник конструкторско-технологического отдела
9. Head of Tool and Mechanical Assembly Shop 


We also hire as turner, miller, grinder, etc. young, purposeful and having technical knowledge of people.

Dm.Cantemir st.1
(022) 876-199,

  • Formal employment and confidence in the future
  • Timely wages
  • Opportunity for professional development in the enterprise
  • Teaching a profession under the guidance of a qualified mentor
  • Registration in accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Moldova (provision of social vacations, medical policy)
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